Fire Extinguisher Service

TIs your fire extinguisher leaking or damaged? Have you discharged it recently and now you need fire extinguisher recharge? Call Smiths Fire Extinguisher today!, we offer a wide variety of fire extinguisher services guaranteed to keep your fire extinguisher in shape to fight small fires in your building, At Smiths Fire Extinguisher , the fire extinguisher services we provide include:

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

The NFPA requires annual professional fire extinguisher inspections along with monthly inspections that you can do on your own (you can check out the requirements for monthly fire extinguisher inspections here). Smiths Fire Extinguisher provides annual fire extinguisher inspection services to many buildings throughout Connecticut, to find out how we can keep your fire extinguishers safe, call us today!

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Fire extinguishers are pretty durable – usually, an annual fire extinguisher inspection won’t turn up any problems. However, this is not always true – you may find that your fire extinguisher has bumps, dents, leaks or rust that can impair its ability to keep you safe at all times. If you notice a small dent on your fire extinguisher, don’t shell out for a new one – call Smiths Fire Extinguisher, We can provide fire extinguisher maintenance that’s as basic or as advanced as you need to make sure your fire extinguisher will keep you safe at all times.

Fire Extinguisher Recharge

Have you discharged your fire extinguisher recently? Even if you only used a tiny bit, you should have the extinguisher recharged right away – just a few milliseconds of lost fire extinguisher pressure can make the difference between a small flame and a devastating, costly disaster. If you need fire extinguisher recharge services, call us today!

Fire Extinguisher Hydro Testing

Fire extinguishers should last a very long time, but let’s face it – nothing’s perfect. If your fire extinguisher is more than 12 years old, call us for a fire extinguisher hydro test today! A fire extinguisher hydro test will make sure the shell of your fire extinguisher has no cracks or leaks that can cause it to malfunction when you need it most.

At Smiths Fire Extinguisher , we making sure your fire Extinguishers work properly when you need it is our number priority. If you need any kind of fire extinguisher services in Hartford Connnecticut, call us today!