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We pride ourselves on being honest and truthful with our customers. We know the value and necessity of fire protection equipment and the lives they are required to save.
Whether you're starting a new business or just need an inspection, we want to be the fire extinguisher company you call first.

It is our goal at Smiths Fire Extinguisher to provide premiere service to our customers at an affordable price. We are constantly striving to be innovative and efficient.

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    certified means a well-qualified and experienced technician is inspecting and servicing your fire extinguishers in a professional manner

    Free fire protection surveys for new and existing customers based on NFPA codes.

    Emergency light systems professionally installed, inspected and repaired on-site

    Full, one-year warranty on all service work and new installations.

  • NFPA '07 Edition Mandates Replacing outdated Extinguishers

    Standard for Portable Extinguishers has just been released and the standard now includes requirements to remove and replace outdated extinguishers. NFPA 10, 2007 edition states.


  • Fire Extinguisher Recall

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Services Offered

  • Fire extinguishers are your first line of defense in fighting small fires. we are NFPA members and have certified trained technicians to service all portable fire extinguisher . We offer a wide variety of fire extinguishers suitable for virtually any application.

  • In an actual emergency, many injuries occur due to panic as a result of insufficient lighting and exits that are not clearly marked. Protect your clients and employees with quality Exit Signs and Emergency Lights.

  • Here we offer a large variety of first Aid supplies to restock your cabinet or to install new OSHA approved first aid supplies such blood borne pathogen , burn creme and fire blankets.

  • Employee training is an essential part of an effective fire safety plan. We will come to your facility, train your employees to properly use extinguishers.

  • Smiths Fire is U.S. DOT certified to hydro test fire fighting equipment. We test and certify all sizes of portable, industrial and marine fire extinguishers